Warframe Best Platinum Farming Guide: How to Get Warframe Platinum Fast

Date: 2019-07-11 08:52:29

Warframe Platinum is the lifeblood of this gameplay. On the one hand, you can grind by constantly playing the game. On the other hand, you can get it by purchasing. But most of players want to figure out the fast and free way to get them, here is the solutions for you.

What Is Platinum in Warframe Used For

Players can spend Platinum on almost everything, including cosmetic skins, inventory slots, and rushed item crafting. Players can even skip the looter shooter grind and outright purchase new weapons and warframes.

Warframe How to Get Platinum

Every once in a while, Warframe will hold some competitions for participants to participate in and win prizes, such as a grand prize for the player who won the first prize and a certain amount of platinum for the player who won the first prize.

Probably the most well-known method of acquiring platinum is to acquire prime parts and then selling them on trade chat or the market. If a prime part is rare, you can sell it for more platinum and full equipment sets sell for much more. How do you know if a prime part is rare? It's one that has the lowest chance of being awarded to you upon completing a mission. It's also good to once again use https://warframe.market/ for price checks and sale advertisements so you don't need to sit and grind the trade chat forever. Sell below the lowest advertised price if you are in urgent need of platinum.

Probably, the most reliable source of platinum in game is the syndicates. Every syndicate will allow you to buy certain archwing weapon parts, certain Warframe, augment mods, and of course special weapons, now, my word of advice never waste your syndicate points on the syndicate weapons, unless you're buying them for yourself. That is, as I remember, the secondary's will cost you a hundred thousand points, and the primaries and the melee weapons will cost you one hundred and twenty five thousand points each. And unfortunately they will not sell above 50 platinum. Despite all your time waste, you can sell 5 syndicate augment mods for 10 to 15 platinum for 50 to 75 platinum. The best part is you don't actively have to work for these you can just play the game rack up some syndicate points and then spend them on the augment mods.

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