Tips For Beginner Player of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Date: 2019-07-11 09:53:19

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has been out for four years! In this game, players collect their favorite Star Wars characters of all ages and conquer their opponents in epic RPG battles. Build a strong team, formulate the best strategy, become the most legendary chess player in the galaxy! Are you new or new? This guide is for you! Here are 10 important tips and tricks.

Tips For Beginner Player of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

1. Complete daily activities and get rich rewards and XP. These can reward points, ally points, training robots, Sim CARDS, etc., every day, don't forget!

2. Check free energy throughout the day. Three times a day, you can log in and claim for free energy and bar energy. This increases the frequency at which you expend that energy, and it doesn't cost you anything.

3. Avoid spending time on energy caps. When your energy is limited, you will not receive energy clicks over time. If time permits, try to use your energy when you are not actively playing and let it continue to regenerate.

4. Join a guild. Guilds are available at level 22 and offer the chance to play games with friends. You can share tips/strategies and joint forces to defeat some of the most difficult aspects of the game - Raids.

5. Help your guild out. You can request gear pieces from your guild and fulfill these requests each day. This will help make your entire team stronger.

6. Expand your collection:
In addition to store purchases (bundles and packages), there are many ways to get units throughout the game.
There are 6 different shipping units available in the game. These are all monetary rewards from participating in the field of the game.
Hard mode combat can drop unit fragments, so continue to unlock more hard mode combat in the campaign and let you try to collect unit fragments from your favorite heroes.
Tavern battles also have a chance to drop unit fragments, which is a very reliable way to collect unit fragments. Continue to unlock more nodes during the event. In general, rewards increase as the event progresses.
Our AAT and Rancor raids reward winning players with unit fragments to han solo and general kenobi on hero difficulty.
Events - events constantly change and provide the first opportunity to unlock many of our newest characters. Yoda and palpatine can only be obtained from their own activities. Pay close attention to positive activities and their rewards!

7. Don't let excess debris go to waste. After you raise a character to 7 stars, use the shard shop to trade the remaining shards. You get pieces of other characters and the best gear in the game.

8. Mods can greatly improve your hero's fighting and survival abilities:
Mods provides a way to dramatically increase the combat status of your units.
Increasing the hero's gear level will help unlock new ability levels and increase their combat effectiveness, but mods can push their power to new limits.
Mods can be collected from Mod Battles, Mod Challenges, Raid Rewards, and purchased in the Mod Shipments.
Much of the final game content (surprise, advanced events, challenges) is tweaked based on Mods. This information is usually published in the information view for each event or Raid, but check it out and make sure your team is up to the challenge.
Upgrading your mods will increase the value of their attributes to units, add an additional attribute value, or set modset to the highest level. This will help you gain the edge you will need to win some of the toughest battles!
Mods with the same Settings will give you a unique reward based on that setting.
Make sure you upgrade your mod.

9. The events reward the first opportunity to unlock the newest Heroes. Some of the best value packs and bundles are offered during these events. You need to keep an eye on the forums, as there are a lot of experienced players who can help you, and there will be updates.