Summary of the Skills in Far Cry 5 for Beginners

Date: 2019-04-29 01:00:32

Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter released by Ubisoft and is the latest sequel to the popular series Far Cry. Welcome to Hope County, Montana, a land full of freedom and warriors, and home to the famous devastating cult called "The Gate of Eden." Standing up against the cult leader Joseph Sid, his brother and messenger, he ignited the bonfire of rebellion and liberated the trapped people. The game takes place in the fictional "Hope of Hope" in Montana, and the player will play the new young sheriff. Soon players will find that their arrival has accelerated a silent change for a year, and the Black Hand behind the scenes is an avid cult organization. The violence caused by their "Eden Gate" plan took over the entire town. Players involved in the struggle for power in the face of being caught off guard must stop this well-planned plan, and the flames of resistance will liberate "Hope Town" and rekindle hope.

I believe many of my friends are surprised at the difficulty of the game. Today, I will bring you a summary of the skills of novices in Far Cry 5.

How to brush money

In fact, the main source of money is nothing more than 1-hunting, bag (peeling) skin selling stores, 2-search house some lose money, fried (unlocking talent cannot be fried) safe to take the money inside, 3-kill the enemy After the search can get some zero banknotes, 4-fishing point (at the same time to complete the challenge, you can sell fish, but the upper limit can only be five, you can also complete the challenge mission talent point, the United States Zizi), 5-end refuge supplies, on the map Marked with diamonds (need to pick up the task, some people have a small exclamation mark on their heads, choose to talk to him, can't run far in the middle, have to wait for NPC to finish the words and receive the task, some of them are the last days of refuge supplies, there will be some difficulty For example, the entrance is not easy to find, the IQ of the old hanging B is no problem. There must be three skill books plus a pile of money. As for how many piles are, hey, it is a bunch.

Where is the task?

I saw some friends said that there is no main line, no hints to go, do not know what to do, ask friends who ask this question, you retreat, it is not suitable for you, really, the whole game is not the same as the old game – kill monsters, upgrade, wear equipment, no new ideas, hit (open) the plane is still difficult to open, make a drop, do not dare to stroll on the road, look at the scenery, you are not on the road for 10 seconds without being enemies Five groups have done what you call me, I came to see it, I drive through the woods, the main task is called the plot mission, anyway, the buddies who have played wilderness know, keep pushing the map, liberating the place, NPC has the task Pick up the task, the general gameplay is to pick up the mission, liberate a sentry station, destroy enemy facilities, pick up missions, liberate a sentry station, destroy enemy facilities, pick up missions, liberate... on this cycle, keep going Passing the place infinitely back and forth to avoid running, don't be stupid to run or drive or even fly, no use, friends, believe me, the road is not for good people.

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