Revelation Online Guide: How to get Wings

Date: 2019-05-22 01:02:00

Revelation Online is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by NetEase, wings are used as a mode of transportation in this gameplay. So, we can recognize the importance of wings. There are some tips for you to get Revelation Online Wings.

There are many different types and variations of wings you can collect within the game. From robotic wings to wings made of flames, butterfly wings, and angel wings - there is a large amount of different wings for you to collect! You can gain wings in various different ways in Revelation Online.

One way to obtain them is via the Black Market, a favor store that offers quests on a daily basis. Players will need to complete these quests to raise their card type with the different factions and obtain access certain sets of wings — particularly the Starlight Dragonfly Wings.

Dungeons will also feature wings, three sets: one for each dungeon. You'll have access to Pentastrike Wings (Altar of Swords), Darkshadow Butterfly wings (Tower of Pain), and Celestial Pike wings (Mech Citadel). And then there's the Fine Feathers, a crafting material needed to upgrade your wings. Players obtain Fine Feathers by salvaging wings, blue quality or up.

Fine Feathers are materials which are needed for combining and advancing wings. You will need to purchase a Morph Featherstone from Osesenne Soorti in Sidus Ur. Next to him you will find a Wingar named Itaxstu Rosta who will allow you to transform the Morph Featherstone and Fine Feathers into a pair of wings of your choice. You can obtain Fine Feathers by salvaging wings which are blue quality or higher or by opening Spirit Feather Boxes.

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