How to Earn Dofus Touch Kamas Freely?

Date: 2019-05-29 09:12:24

Dofus Touch Kamas play an important role in Dofus, so do you want to figure out the tips to earn Dofus Touch Kamas Freely? Here are some tips for you.

Pet Taming is the longest way to make kamas but at the end of this you can end up with 200mk + (depending on the pets / amount of pets you got / get). I'd prefer getting pets that sell for a lot (not subscription pets now) possibly Nomoons. They sell for (at max stats) 3-4mk ish. So get as many pets as possible (and make sure you know what they eat!) and start feeding them once every 12 hrs (some pets can eat once every 6 hours but it can get confusing so stick with 12 hrs). It takes about 6 months to get a Nomoon to max stats so try buy as many as you can ( they can also be obtained by doing some moon island quest ).

Making Dofus Touch Kamas is simple, but making much Dofus Touch Kamas in the shortest time is hard. One of the ideal methods to acquire cheap Dofus Touch Kamas in the shortest time is level up gathering professions. Just like Lumberjack & Alchemist or Farmers. The other way, you can retain your items on Marketplace, using an addition concerning the marketplace price, then you definitely can buy product for low price and sell them for increased price.

Another short cut is to buy cheap Dofus Touch Kamas via, order now, you can get the biggest discount ever!

The last way is treasure hunts. On solar Maho pebbles sell for around the 150kk range and you can easily obtain 10 a day. That is roughly 1mk a day depending how many you decide to farm for.